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A WAY OUT is a game that can only be played in Co-op. When it was first announced at E3 2017, I was very skeptical about this concept. But since the game has been released me and my partner had lots of fun completing this game. The first 4 hours of the game were fun, after that it got a little too obvious.

The game revolves around 2 main characters Vincent and Leo who were tricked by the same man and because of him, they have ended up in prison. Thus, they decide to join hands in escaping prison and getting revenge. The game developers have made the game very interesting as no one can survive without the other. The game will always be played on split-screen, while one player might be in a cut scene the other will be performing some kind of task.

There are interactive environments as well like both can play games together, play music, etc. There is always an option to decide whose direction should we choose to perform a particular task.

A WAY OUT also contains some small cooperative outside of just dialog as well like one splashing the water attracting the fishes to the other player with a spear.

If you go into A WAY OUT thinking it is a two-player co-op that is a gimmick, you’ll likely come out of it realizing that it couldn’t have been done any other way. Vincent and Leo’s journey will have you and a friend performing tasks together both mundane and dramatic, and the result is a memorable, variety-packed cinematic adventure that feels like what Telltale’s games might’ve evolved into if they’d leaned into game mechanics instead of phasing them out.

Rating:- 8/10


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