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Android 12: Google’s New Approach to Android!

Google recently announced the latest version of Android i.e., Android 12 with an entirely new design that they are calling Material You which features big buttons with shifting color functionality and smoother animations. Android 12 takes a bold move by shifting towards a big bold and more playful design without any fear.

Material You design in Android 12 allows the OS to use color extraction protocol to lift design elements from the wallpaper that is being used meaning the colors of the entire system will change depending on the home/Lock Screen background. This functionality allows an easy and automatic way for a device to look unique.

Pulling down the notification shade shows a whole new design with big round rectangles at the top panel and they operate similar to the previous quick tiles. These larger tiles can now accommodate more information.

The increased size also means that fewer tiles can be seen at once i.e., four tiles on the first pull of the notification share instead of the usual six. The notification shade is also going to adopt the Material You design meaning it will also change its colors based on the device's wallpaper.

Android 12 also brings some new privacy features to make the data collection by apps more transparent and also providing new tools to help users get more glandular control over app permissions to better manage their information.

Google has introduced a new Privacy Dashboard that allows the users to access an option and tweak app permissions with the manage permissions setting on the timeline view page from where the user will be able to revoke particular permission from an app.

Along with these new privacy features Google is also adding native scrolling screenshot support to Android 12 that allows capturing larger images of what is being displayed on the screen which can be done after clicking a screenshot and then clicking on the “capture more” button to screenshot more of the screen and can later be edited/cropped.

Android 12’s notification system has also been redesigned with improved aesthetics,, usability, and functionality. Google has also tweaked the drawer and controls along with fresh animations and transitions.

Searching for things on an Android device has also become much more powerful with the introduction of AppSearch, an on-device search engine that will allow the user to perform searches for content inside applications, even when the device is offline.

Android 12 also allows users to share their current Wi-Fi connection with someone by just clicking on the "Nearby" button underneath the barcode which will then use Android's Nearby Share feature to transmit Wi-Fi credentials with multiple people or they can simply scan the QR Code on your mobile to connect.

Google will also be adding Android Runtime to their Project Mainline - Google's Play system updates program which will allow the company to push key updates to ART and other essential Android 12 services via the Google Play Store negating the full system updates.

The widgets on Android 12 have also received a new look along with the color extraction protocol which will update the color of the widget as per the user's background. The organization of these widgets has also been improved with the ability to see more widget categories at once to easily find an app that the user wants and then the specific widget present within.

Android 12 seems to be a big update from Google and these are just some of the changes there are many under the hood changes as well along with new emoji designs.

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