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Counter Strike Review

Ever since I began playing Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, I’ve seen many new features added, many new players playing and an abundance of bug fixes; this by no means is a static game. There are several different elements to this game so a new player may easily find themselves with a lot on their plate. There are different rules for each and every game mode, but for every game mode, there are two different teams; Counter-Terrorists and Terrorists. The terrorists’ objective in most game modes is to plant the bomb at one of two bomb sites (A or B), wiping out any Counter-Terrorists they can. The bomb takes 40 seconds to explode and during this time, the remaining Counter-Terrorists must attempt to defuse this bomb. It can be considerably difficult for the Counter-Terrorists to defuse, or it could be a walk in the park; it all depends on teamwork.

Teamwork is an absolutely HUGE portion of the game; it is absolutely necessary to get along with your teammates and devise a plan to win effectively. In this “Competitive” game mode, the first team to win 16 rounds is victorious. To achieve this goal, you must be willing as a player to communicate verbally with your teammates, know all the different portions of the map you plan to play and how to navigate the map with ease. If you really get into this game, it is undeniable that you will experience some stress from time to time, but it is vital you know how to control that stress; if you let the game get the best of you, chances are you’re not going to be in a proper position to win. When most people think of Counter-Strike, they don’t really take the graphics into consideration when they start playing the game; this is because the graphics of the game are mediocre. Most modern shooters today are notorious for their stunning graphics and realistic explosions, but CS: GO lacks in this department. The user interface, on the other hand, is quite nice. It is very easy to navigate and doesn’t take too much time to get used to. You will notice that, on the main menu, you are greeted with news of new additions, different tabs for different options and you can easily see your rank as well as your profile with ease.

Counter-Strike is one of its kind. Even though the graphics are not amazing, but playing it with friends or even strangers from all over the world is a great experience. The constant updates and new additions make it even more addictive. Counter-Strike is in the hearts of many people, and I hope it remains like that.

Rating: 9/10

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