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For years Dell has had the best Windows laptop design with its XPS series of laptops. Dell hasn't changed the XPS design for almost 5 years, but all that changes now. Dell has announced the all-new 2020 Dell XPS 15 & an all-new XPS17 and they come with a bang and I think this could be a serious competition for Apple and their MacBook Pro line-up.

The whole laptop has been completely revamped with a new laser-cut aluminum chassis, a new 16:10 infinity edge display with even smaller bezels than the last XPS, and there is no chin at the bottom of the laptop also the webcam is still on the top. Also, the port selection has changed drastically compared to their last laptop, both the XPS now have USB Type C (Thunderbolt compatible) ports along with a full-size SD card reader. The speakers have also been moved to the top of the laptop to provide a richer sound and the trackpad is huge compared to all other windows laptops.

The display selection for the XPS 15 & 17 remains somewhat the same i.e. 4K(3160x2400) or an FHD(1920X1200) display (The resolutions are weird due to the 16:10 aspect ratio), also there no OLED option during launch, but we could see one in the future. Also, the laptops could be configured up to an i9 10885H 45W chip, 64GB RAM, and a 2TB SSD. The XPS 15 comes with up to a GTX 1650TI graphics card and an RTX 2060 on the XPS 17.

On the XPS 15, the battery has reduced from a 97-watt hour to an 85watt hour whereas on the XPS 17 the battery size still remains 97watt hour(The battery life may vary based on the display resolution you choose).

XPS 15 has a total of 3 USB-C ports out of which two of them are Thunderbolt compatible whereas the XPS 17 has a total of 4 USB-C ports and all of them are Thunderbolt-compatible and both the laptops have a full-sized SD card reader.

Dell has not only improved the design, but they have also improved the cooling system in both the XPS 15 & 17. The XPS 15 has a new cooling system to ensure the best performance and the XPS 17 is using a vapor chamber cooling mechanism. Which will ensure both the GPU and the CPU are properly cooled and are not thermally throttled.

The XPS 17 is not built for gaming it is rather built for creators, but the RTX 2060 can easily handle any game thrown at it. Also, the 8-core CPU provided by intel would also allow programmers and 3D model designers to easily create whatever they want.

The XPS 15 is available to buy at the moment starting for $1299 for the FHD model and the new XPS 17 will be available in summer 2020 starting for $1499.

Both of these laptops from the looks of it look very powerful and properly cooled to handle all the specifications with which they are being provided.


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