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After a long wait, we finally get a new Dragon Ball mobile game and this one is the best of its kind. It is available both on Android as well as IOS and that also for free with some In-App Purchases.

This is a 3D action game in which your character can move in all directions, unlike Dokkan Battle where you had to put patterns. This game requires a person to charge their characters Ki and attack the enemy at the right time. A person can dodge by swiping left or right, move on the screen, Use special Attacks and now there is a new thing called Rising Rush basically in the game while you are attacking you will get to collect Dragon Balls and once you are able to get all 7 of them you would be able to give a final attack to end your opponent, but the opponent may be able to dodge it if he is fast and alert.

New Characters can be summoned using in-game cash that could be earned by completing challenges or by completing the games story mode which is quite decent. The summons are time-limited and the characters available can be achieved for only that duration. There is an all-new character added in the game made by Akira Toriyama himself. The story goes around saying that a Saiyan from another universe and a different time has landed on our planet and does not remember anything, but intends to help Goku and Friends.

The story mode has some events up its sleeve as well that change from time to time. These events are challenging but once you get the hang of the game you can get success easily. The characters that you unlock can be upgraded as well as trained to get more strength and a winning chance in battles (Which is required when you play the PvP).

Each character has a type of level type it has to max out along with a few conditions that have to be fulfilled to raise its class. Once one of your character has reached level 300 it cannot go any further without a class up which requires you to unlock 10 slots at least and have the necessary stones and Zeni required to improve your class and as you improve the more difficult it gets to improve your class.

There is a PvP option as well which allows you to compete with people all over the world. Fight if you win your rank improves. Better the rank the better the reward will be. There is a casual Match option as well that allows you to fight for fun against players for practice. You can also battle your friends by choosing the Friend Battle option.

If you are new to the game the above photo will give you an upper hand against some players.

The time that I spent playing Dragon Ball Legends was amazing and I still play it a lot. It is a highly addictive game, but there are a few problems here and there that I would like to address. When multiple missions are completed there is no way that all the rewards are going to be given to you without clicking at each reward received. Then the game has an issue where sometimes in PvP it kicks me out of the match even though my wifi is working properly.

Overall this is a great game and for Dragon Ball fans it's an amazing experience. From me, this game gets an 8/10.


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