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Elon Musk is one of the most successful men in the world. He is the founder of The Boring Company, Founder, CEO, and Lead Designer of Space X, CEO, Lead Designer of Tesla, Co-Founder of PayPal. He has been ranked as 21st in the World’s Most Powerful Person and the 40th Richest Man in the world by Forbes.

Elon Musk has been working to revolutionize transportation both on Earth (With Tesla) as well as in Space (With SpaceX). He first revolutionized vehicles with the introduction of Electric Cars which are nowadays very famous in parts of the US and Canada.

In 2001 Elon Musk created Space X with the goal to explore space and make it interesting for humans again. Initially, he went to Russia to buy ICBM (Intercontinental Ballistic Missiles), but they were turned away as the Russian companies thought of them as a novice. Then in 2002, they went back to Russia in search of 3 ICBM but the price demanded by the Russians was too high. Thus, Musk came up with an idea to make their own rockets as the price of making rockets at that time was only 3 percent. Space X till now successfully launched 18 Falcon 9 flights with the interesting idea that Musk had i.e. to reuse rockets an idea that nobody thought was possible. But Musk made it possible in 2015 where a Falcon 9 was launched and returned to the launchpad. Space X had also launched the Falcon Heavy to carry heavy cargo and as testing Elon Musk gave his personal Tesla Roadster which is supposed to launch in 2020.

Elon Musk said that humankind had evolved millions of years ago, but the recent Atomic Weaponry that has been created could lead to the end of all humankind. Thus, he has a goal to colonize Mars by 2040. Space X is set to launch an unmanned Mars Colonial Transporter is 2022, followed by a manned MCT by 2024, and establish a colony on Mars by 2040. Currently, the main problem at Mars is the lack of Oxygen. Thus, all transportation has to be electric. Space X if we compare it to its initial days has come a very long way and is currently the biggest space product manufacturer.

Not only space but Musk also revolutionized the Automobile industry with the introduction of the most popular battery-operated vehicle called Tesla. Elon Musk seized the opportunity when it was required. Tesla has 3 models that are available to purchase and 1 that is set to be launched in 2020. Model 3 (being the cheapest), Model S, Model X, and Tesla Roadster (World’s first Electric sports vehicle).

Recently Elon Musk launched a flamethrower from The Boring Company that is also owned by him.

Seeing all this I come to the conclusion that Musk is one of the best businessmen I have ever heard of. His thinking process is different from anyone else. He has a great vision set for all of Humanity as he wants them all to find a way and settle on Mars and is working towards that goal at a rapid pace.


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