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Battle Royale Games have taken over the gaming industry with PUBG (PLAYERS UNKNOWN BATTLEGROUNDS) starting the concept early last year. Fortnite was started as a single-player story game but didn't get the same amount of popularity as expected by Epic Games. Thus, deciding that they would also start a free-to-play Battle Royale game.

Fortnite is by far the most popular game Battle Royale game on all platforms i.e. Xbox, Playstation, iOS and is coming soon to Android as well. Because of its free-to-play aspect many people prefer it over PUBG. Most of YouTube as well as Twitch is filled with Fortnite. People enjoy this game mainly because of its emotes and building mechanism.

Building changes the course of the game, people build huge bases to protect themselves, there are 4 options to choose from i.e. Walls, Floor, Stairs, and Pyramids. There are also 3 types of materials that can be used to build these objects Wood, Brick, and Metal. Wood is weak but takes less time to build making it the best for quick gunfights or making a base quickly, then comes Brick it takes comparatively more time to build that wood but is efficient, last but not least comes metal it is the strongest resource in the game but it takes a tremendous time to build. You can also place traps in the game.

The building does change the course of the battle, but the thing that is really necessary isa the guns in the game and the way to identify them. There are 5 types of guns in a game, each with different rarity. If a person knows how to identify these, they can do wonders in the game.

The colors along with their rarity is as followed:






Fortnite is a really fun game to play and with all its building mechanisms each fight has its unique way to be ended. Each week there are new updates to add more items to the game. Everything about the game is customizable from your character's skin to the loading screen. There is no limit to pick up ammunition as well.

The game has an interesting way to implement the Battle Royale genre and with the increasing importance of the game more and more people are joining every day.

RATING: 9/10


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