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Google recently announced what they think is the future of gaming called Stadia. It is cloud-based gaming, and until a few days ago we didn't know much about it. But what we know was that we would be able to play games on any screen as long as they have Google Chrome is installed. In a recent video, Google told a minimum of 35Mbps of Wi-Fi speed is required for streaming at 4K Resolution, 60Fps, and 5.1 surround sound. The game can also be streamed at 1080p at 20Mbps and 720p at 10Mbps.

Google did publish a video revealing the price for the subscription and the games that would be available at the platform supposedly on launch.

Before talking about the games let's talk about the different subscriptions. There are two subscriptions Stadia Pro ($9.99), Stadia Base (Free) and there is also a Stadia Founders Pack which has a Stadia controller in night blue color, a Chromecast ultra, 3 months subscription of stadia pro, Destiny 2 (including all DLC's), the first few people who get to choose the stadia name, and a buddy pass to give to a friend who could then use stadia.

In the first presentation by Google when they announced Stadia we all thought that it would be like Netflix where you pay once a month and you get access to all the games. But, when Google announced the prices and gave more details we looked at the bigger picture and Stadia is nothing like Netflix. You pay a monthly fee with Stadia Pro i.e. $9.99 you get access to a few games for free, but not all games you have to buy games separately at their original market price. The stadia base is free where you could buy games directly from stadia and then you can play them whenever you want, but we don't get any free games with the Stadia base.

For me, the offer is good enough just for the fact that you can play games anywhere you want as long as you have a good Wi-Fi connection and Google Chrome. But the data used is a lot like if you stream 4K 60fps for 65 hours a total of 1 terabyte of data, for 1080p it would be 9GB per hour and at 720p it would be 4.5GB per hour, potentially use 1Tb of data in 114Hours for 1080p and 280hrs for 720p.

There are still a lot of things to think about/learn about Stadia. But the early access is coming in November for those who have purchased Stadia Founders Pack and those who get the buddy pass.

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