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Google has recently announced a new and improved more business-focused Google Glass with Augmented Reality. For $999 glass is being marketed differently instead of being directly sold to the consumers it is being sold to enterprises only with a better processor, new and improved camera, USB type C charge for faster charge.

Google is pushing the glasses to new boundaries and is expecting to get high sales from this product. Google has made the second generation to give competition to Microsoft Mixed Reality headset. The processor inside the Google Glass has gotten a major upgrade with a Snapdragon XR1 chip, which is specifically designed for augmented/virtual reality tasks. Snapdragon XR1's power in their new glass will advance computer vision and advanced learning capabilities. For those who have a weak vision, Google has partnered with Smith Optics to solve the problem. Google has also put in a bigger battery, upgraded components and the glassed now run Android, with the support for Android Enterprise Mobile Device Management. Earlier Google was supposed to release to the public, but after a lot of complaints and speculations, Google reinvented it for only professional workers. Google has promised faster production times. And is set to release two models i.e. The Explorer Edition for $1500 and The Enterprise Edition for $999. I am happy to see that companies are starting to take Augmented Reality seriously. These glasses can really change the way we do our work and I can think of no one better than Google to do this job.


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