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GTA V changed the course of gaming with its amazing graphics and multiple character selection method and the online mode is still one of the most played along with one of the biggest gaming communities in the world. Since its launch, GTA V has sold 95 million copies all over the world. That's a lot if you ask me. The amount of success this game has grown is amazing.

GTA always had a good amount of fan following and this game changed everything. Rockstar Games changed the world of gaming with outstanding graphics, character design, beautifully designed vehicles, etc. The way of describing how each character is unique in their own way and the way these characters meet is just amazing. The character background story is also beautifully designed and the characters themselves are also described in a unique and beautiful manner. Some PC players even started using MODS in their campaign mode which made the game more fun and customizable.

These MODS if lucky were even used in the online community, but most of the players got banned after doing the same. Mods helped us interact with the beautiful city of Los Santos in our own way like getting a car from the real world, being invincible called as 'GOD MODE', wearing superhero costumes also taking their powers and so much more flexibility to the game.

The online community is also a fun way to play GTA with your friends with your own customized character. Every week something new is being added to the online community and the players love to play it. The different types of vehicles in the online world are astonishing. The different missions and heists are also very fun.

Overall GTA V gave all the gamers a new perspective on gaming and how it will be in the future. Since then many game titles came with amazing graphics and character design. The gaming community is stronger than ever thanks to GTA V.

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