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iPhone SE 2. A $399 iPhone, Is it worth it?

Apple is one of the most prominent technology brands in the world. The company that charges $700 for wheels, but yes Apple has launched a $300 iPhone with almost the same specs as their $999 iPhone 11 Pro. I was also very surprised when I heard the iPhone SE price and then I looked at my personal iPhone 11 Pro and I thought how did they manage to reduce the price so much(keep in mind I hadn't seen the new SE design yet). But as soon as I saw the design I figured out Apple's Pricing with the new SE.


The new iPhone SE has an all-glass and aluminum design. It also shares a large number of design details with the old iPhone 8 having the same 4.7" retina LCD display with big chunky front bezels and the Home Button which brings back Apple's super quick Touch-ID which in today's time is an efficient way to get into your phone. The camera also has the same sensor as the iPhone 8 but has some new software optimizations done by the new chip and iOS 13. The iPhone SE still uses a lightning port for charging the phone.

The way you could distinguish between an iPhone 8 and the new SE is by either looking at the Apple Logo which has now been centered like the rest of the iPhones or by seeing the front of the phone which now comes only in black color no matter which color you buy.


The most headlining feature of the new SE is that it is using the all-new A13 Bionic chip, the same chip that is used in it $999 iPhones. This makes the iPhone SE 2020 the most powerful smartphone amount its Android rivals in the $400 range or even some phones higher than that. Some people say that people will not buy the phone if it does not have a modern look to it. But that is not entirely true people who are not much into the technological world and are still using the old SE or the iPhone 6, but they don't want to pay a large sum of money for a new iPhone, but they also can't go away from iOS, this iPhone is mainly targeted towards them or school kids.

Moreover, a more powerful chip ensures that the phone does not lose its performance or becomes sluggish years into the future after years of updates (Note: Apple provides 4-5 years of updates to their iOS devices).


Even though the iPhone SE 2020 has the same camera sensor as the iPhone 8 i.e. 12MP Main Camera and 7MP Front Camera, but that doesn't mean that it does not match the current standards. Due to the A13 Bionic chip, the iPhone SE clicks some amazing photos compared to its rivals due to the on-chip and the software optimization has drastically improved the camera like Portrait mode, Portrait Lighting, and the all-new HDR for the cameras.

We all can agree on one thing that no smartphone can beat an iPhone when it comes to video and the same goes for here. The iPhone SE can record up to 4k 60FPS from its main camera and up to 1080p from the front camera.


In the end, I would say the iPhone SE is a very capable smartphone as it has the fastest chip of any other smartphone in the market. The cameras have also improved a lot with great color reproduction and have the best video camera on any other smartphone. The display makes the phone a little bit dated, but since Apple has more control over such designs as they have had experience with it and can be made from recycled parts that helps them keep the price down. For $399 I think the new iPhone SE is totally worth it for people who don't care about the design or don't want to spend $999 on a new smartphone or just that they want to upgrade from their older iPhones.


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