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Mario+Rabbids Kingdom Battle Review

At Ubisoft's E3 2017 Press Conference, we all were introduced to a new crossover title for the Nintendo Switch named MARIO+RABBIDS KINGDOM BATTLE.

Earlier it rather seemed like a dumb idea, but now when the game has been released on the switch on August 29th, 2017. The game is quite fun and also gets challenging as we proceed with the game.


The game is a huge tactic based game, which states with this girl who has created a piece of tech that somehow combines to totally different objects with each other and surprisingly she is a huge Mario fan as well, as she leaves the room out of nowhere the Rabbids appear and one of the rabbid gets his hands on the piece of machine. He starts combining objects with each other. Then a huge malfunction happens and they are all dragged into the world of Mario and the only way to send them back is to get hands-on with, the tech that is with the Rabbids and somehow he has turned into a baby.

Games Response

Earlier no one thought that such a childish game would get such a great response. Ubisoft has really made the game a great experience.


The game also has CO-OP meaning that you can play with friends. The CO-OP is also done in an organized manner, both of the players can choose two characters, play the game together and defeat all the enemies.


Even though the game is fun and the story is well organized, then also there are some frame drops while playing on T.V. Mode. The resolution on handheld mode is 720p 30fps and when on T.V. Mode the resolution is 900p 30fps (There are some frame drops here and there).

Still the game is quite fun and challenging, the boss and mid boss battle are quite a challenge.

Thus, for the conclusion the score that could be given to this game is:- 8.0/10


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