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Microsoft with the launch of Windows 10 gave us an entirely new browser called Microsoft Edge, but it was to memory intensive. Thus, many people stopped using it after a few days.

Now, finally, Microsoft has decided to make an entirely new Edge browser using the Chromium-based codec that is used by Google Chrome. It is now available to download as a developer that is updated weekly, there is also a Canary Channel that is updated daily (The Canary Channel is not very stable).

I have been using the new Edge browser for a good amount of time and I have some of my own views on it.

The new edge browser is very snappy. Everything is linked with your Google account, all your data can be transferred directly from your Google Chrome. Microsoft has made a lot of tweaks to improve its edge browser.

Microsoft has completely changed the look and feel of the edge browser, it looks more like Chrome and the best part is that the extensions can now be added from other stores as well instead of the Microsoft Store like Google web Store by just allowing to add the extension from other sources.

There is also a Dark Mode present that is in testing but can easily be added from the Flags tab (edge://flags/), but later it will be available directly in the settings.

While writing this review I saw a video from Linus Tech Tips on YouTube, which ran a bunch of tests to compare the performance of the new Edge browser with the old one and Google Chrome, and surprisingly it was really impressive.

The First test was the WEBXPRT test where the new Edge help up really well. It was close to Google Chrome's performance. Firefox was still performed better in the test.

The next test was BaseMark Web in which the new edge beat both the old edge as well as Firefox. But was unable to beat Chrome.

Even though in all these tests the new Edge performed very well, but it was unable to perform well in the HTML5 test(Using HTTP). It has a worse result than the old edge as well. But since it is still in the developing stage I think Microsoft can improve its performance over time.

After this, they ran another HTML5 test(Using HTTPS) and the performance was really good as it was able to beat google chrome as well.

The new Microsoft Edge browser is good, it is still in the developing stage. Thus, it has some bugs here and there, but overall it is a really good browser and runs everything at a very fast speed.

But if we look at the big picture a large number of people use Chrome as their browser of choice and with this new Edge that is using the Chromium architecture. I think Google will get more control. Only time would tell.


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