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Nintendo has finally announced the long-rumored mini Nintendo Switch Console called the Nintendo Switch Lite as the name suggests is a cheaper version of the regular Nintendo Switch. So, that it could be made available to a wider audience at a price of $200 and would be available on 20th September 2019.

But Nintendo had to make a few compromises to make this lite version of the console. Before talking about the compromises let's talk about what all does the lite version of the console has to offer. Obviously, the price is better that makes the switch available to a wider audience, the battery on the lite is better than the normal switch which would be 3-7 hours, various color options available i.e. Yellow, Teal, and Light Grey ( There is also a special Pokemon Edition Switch Lite), there is finally a proper D-Pad. But there are some problems like the main selling point of the Switch is that it could be played on T.V. as well as a handheld console. But Nintendo has completely ditched that plan with the Switch Lite which doesn't make sense, HD Rumble is also removed, No motion controls, the display size has also been reduced to 5.5 inches ( has the same display as the normal switch).

Now the real question is For whom is the new Switch Lite made for?

The new Switch when announced got a lot of hade from the Nintendo fan community. But I personally think that the new Switch makes a great idea for those people who wanted to buy the Switch, but the price was too much for them or even if a parent had to gift it to their child. The price of the Switch Lite makes it the cheapest console to buy at $200. But will people choose this instead of the PS4 even though the game library is really good like Doom, Wolfenstein 2, even Witcher 3 is coming to the Switch and all these games run really well with no lag at all.

I think the Switch Lite is a great way to get into gaming if you are new and is totally worth buying.

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