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Technology is booming at a rapid pace nowadays and a recent leap is the In-Display Fingerprint scanner, but Oppo has taken it one step further by introducing In-Display Selfie Camera, the company calls it USC ( Under Screen Camera). The technology behind it is also pretty complicated, but it is very interesting.

Basically, Oppo has created a custom build unit in which more light passes through the highly transparent region of the display. Oppo has done two things to make this work firstly they increased the size of the sensor and the aperture along with bigger pixel size. Secondly, Oppo has created a highly transparent material that allows the light to pass through the display.

During their press conference, Oppo said that their prototype uses 'zoning control' to dictate the pixels over the camera modules. This technology will allow them to make their camera work with Portrait photos, Face unlock, and much more.

According to me, the main use of an under-screen camera is that we can watch content on our phones without any obstructions like Notch, Punch hole Displays, and IP certification can also be given as no mechanical parts will be used.

Oppo earlier said that under-screen camera will affect the photos and they will not be as crisp. Well, Oppo has done some software tweaking that allows them to remove Haze and improve White Balance. Thus giving us a better image quality.


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