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The long waited Spider-Man game exclusive to the PS4 is finally here. Spider-Man has gotten many aspects of the game correct like web-swinging, the different references from the Marvel universe and so much more.

The first question that comes to all our minds is that Has the web-swinging improved? And the answer is yes. Insomniac has done an incredible job, webs won't work when there are no buildings or anything high enough to keep Spiderman swinging. There is a fast travel option as well but who will use fast travel everyone will probably use web-swinging to go from one place to another.

Spider-Man has also seen a lot of improvements compared to the previous spiderman games from the vast selection of spider suits to a beautiful representation of New York in consideration to the Marvel universe with the Avengers Tower, Nelson & Murdock Office, Doctor Strange Sanctuary and so much more. Some other changes have also been made like instead of 'The Charging Bull', Insomniac has added a statue of 'A Bull Dog'.

The Story Mode is somewhat decent with a short story mode, Spiderman tries to display a lot of things into one single game, but the character design, narration, combat. Everything has been done perfectly except for a few flaws here and there like if you go near the sea and notice peoples face they have no details on their face they seem to be boxy and looks like a rushed up job, even if you try to jump up on the boat spiderman will simply pass through it.

Overall if we see insomniac has done a great job with the game with some problems here and there. They have tried to perfect the web-swinging and have succeeded in some way. The main missions or even the side missions in that matter have provided a great amount of entertainment along with extraordinary combat which takes its representation from the Batman Arkham games. Spiderman was a long-awaited game and it lives up to its expectations.

Rating: 9/10.


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