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Top 5 Best Chrome Extensions

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Extensions are very powerful tools that can help in improving your workflow and enhancing productivity. But with millions of extensions present on the chrome web store, finding the right extension can be a difficult task.

So, I have compiled some of my personal favorite extensions that help improve my workflow while using chrome.

Starting off with Clipt, it is like Apple Handoff where you copy something on one Apple device and it is accessible on all other Apple devices using the same Apple ID. this extension allows you to replicate that with any device including iOS, Android, and any desktop that can run Google Chrome.


Using this extension is very easy. All you have to do is download the application on your respective mobile device and sign in using your Google account, and now whenever you copy anything on your desktop it is automatically copied to all your devices (You can simply paste it on Android, while on iOS you have to go to the app and copy it once). The process for smartphone copy is a little different and common for both Android and iOS; once something has been copied it needs to be shared to the app from the share sheet and then it can be copied from the chrome extension clipboard.

Note: This works for both text as well as images.

Scrnli is one of the best free screen recording and screenshot-taking extension. It has a clean and easy-to-use UI that allows you to quickly take screenshots either of the entire page or the visible page, and selected areas, while also giving the functionality to edit them by allowing you to add text, shapes, highlights, blur particular sections, etc. the extension also allows you to download an entire page as well as record video. I mostly use it to take screenshots for screen recording I prefer to use OBS.


The extension also allows you to copy the image, download it as an image or a PDF file, or even share it with the help of a link.

Popups are the most annoying things while browsing the web and I have spent a lot of time looking for a free and effective popup blocker. After comparing a few, Poper Blocker came at the top. It has a straightforward UI that allows turning the extension on and off for particular websites along with a progress bar displaying the number of distractions that have been blocked.

poper blocker

The best part about this extension is that it allows you to hide distractions manually which includes hiding elements, removing overlays, and reporting a missed pop-up for better detection. Poper Blocker does offer a pro version of the extension at $4.79/month, which includes removing cookie messages, hiding any element on a webpage, removing in-site notifications, and Facebook ads blocker.

It is as the name suggests an extension that automatically skips the segment of the video where the YouTuber is talking about their sponsor.

The extension is community-based with a new video sponsor segment being updated after a few minutes the video has gone live. The extension also makes the sponsored segment visible with green color on the video play head.

Dark mode is the best thing that has ever been introduced and not every website utilizes it, that’s where Dark Reader comes into the picture this extension analyzes a website and its content and makes it optimized for Dark Mode. The extension also gives you the control to adjust the brightness, contrast, sepia, and grayscale.

The extension also allows you to switch to light mode for particular websites if needed or completely turn it off when required with just a simple toggle.


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