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Top 5 Must-Have Windows Applications

Microsoft recently launched Windows 11 to people worldwide and with that, I decided to write this blog talking about the top 5 must-have applications on Windows 10/11 that can make your life easier while using Windows.

Quick Look

Quick Look allows the user to see any type of media file with a simple press of the Space Bar, it also allows the user to do basic edits to the image like rotating, choosing a particular application to open the file, etc. It is similar to what is found on macOS.

Files - File Manager for Windows

Microsoft redesigned the File Explorer with Windows 11, but it is still not perfect with many features missing like tabs, shell, columns, tags, etc. Files - File Manager for Windows is the application to go for, it brings all these features along with a more intuitive design that separates physical drives from cloud drives efficiently.

File Optimizer

File Optimizer is an image optimization tool that reduces the size of the image while keeping all the details present. It is able to achieve the same by running a bunch of algorithms. This software has helped me optimize my photos and get them to the right size for Social Media, YouTube Thumbnails, etc. without losing any detail.

Power Toys

Power Toys is an application developed by Microsoft built for power users that offers additional features to Windows Users. Most notably being a Spotlight type search bard accessible anywhere by just clicking on Alt+Space and this can search the entire system for files and can even search the Web. This is just one of the many features that Power Toys offers like Video Conferencing Mute which basically turns the camera & video on/off with a custom keybind, an Image resizer that can store custom presets to easily resize an image, and many more.

BC/Bulk Crap Uninstaller

Uninstalling an application on Windows can be a pain as it only allows you to uninstall one application at a time and sometimes it does not remove all the files associated with the application. BC/Bulk Crap Uninstaller helps tackle this problem by allowing you to uninstall all the components associated with a file and can even uninstall multiple files at once. The application is also able to show whether the application has a verified/unverified certificate, is a windows store application or a unregistered application, and even if it has a missing uninstaller.

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